The STRONG is used to clean vineyards and tree nurseries from grass and branches found between the rows of trees and vines, which are then turned into natural fertilizer. It has an automatic stretching function and a low profile, making it possible to clean close to the roots, without deviating from the tractor’s path and without risk of injury to the trees. It is characterised by absolute balance, with no vibrations caused by its rotation, and performs cutting operations with uniformity of height as it scans the ground with its reinforced front wheels and rear roller.


Short Description

  • Designed for cutting branches of fruit trees, bushes, olive trees, vines and grass
  • The chassis is reinforced with a double metal sheet of 5+5mm and coated with powder paint
  • Four (4) drive belt system (Strong 1.60m, 1.80m, 2.00m) with auto tension adjustment system
  • Five (5) drive belt system (Strong 2.20m, 2.40m, 2.60m) with auto tension adjustment system
  • Heavy duty 170mm cylinder with hammer blades for cutting up to 80mm branches
  • Protective front steel curtain
  • Hydraulic side shift adjustment
  • Two (2) metal wheels at the front to follow the morphology of the terrain and therefore optimal cutting
  • Rear 170mm adjustable roller with cleaning scraper
  • PTO drive shaft

Additional Equipment :

  • Strong skids