The Carrier 2W platform is the the safest choice for transporting of fruit after harvest.
Its non-slip floor, the fitted gussets on its axle, reinforced wheels and a reinforced chassis
guarantee safe and smooth transport of the products on any type of ground, without
any risk of deterioration from any vibration. Available in two versions, either two-wheeled
with a single axle, or four-wheeled with double axle and includes a spacious locker storage compartment.

Short Description

  • Trailer for transporting fruit crates, trays,bins etc
  • Heavy duty powder coated chassis
  • Towing system with reinforced hitch hook
  • Additional rear hitch point for towing accessories
  • Heavy duty 5 ton leaf sprung axle
  • Load weight: 3000kg
  • Crates on the floor: 27
  • Wheels 10.0/75R15.3
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Storage locker
  • Road lights

Additional Equipment : 

  • Side panels
  • Mechanical tracking drawbar T60
  • Hydraulic tracking drawbar HT60