Agroma | Why Agroma

Strong Design and build

Agroma's many years of experience have allowed us to build a wide range of spraying machines for both orchard and open crops. The intelligent design of our machines allows for great durability and stability but keeps the weight to a minimum.

High standard specifications

All machines are full with specifications in their standard version, always allowing the customer to choose from a wide range of extra features. For example, the CycloneT mist blower delivers in its standard version clean water tanks for user's tank and hand washing, drug cleaning device, stainless steel spraying lines, but the Bravo 180s computer is an extra choice.

Unique design features

Nowadays, few real manufacturers can claim to have a truly unique feature. So AGROMA ’s fan which was built after a great research by our engineers is something unique. With the new, exclusive AGROMA fan, thanks to its ergonomic design, an increase in air volume is achieved while reducing fuel consumption.

5 year construction warranty

Many manufacturers often claim that their machines are the strongest, but how many of them really can prove it? AGROMA can!
We provide 5 years of construction guarantee to the orchard machinery except the mulchers  and 3 years of cropsprayers.

40 years of experience

AGROMA in 2017 celebrates the 40th years anniversary since its first year of foundation in 1977 by Mr. Stergios Petkos. With focus on quality and service, our company emerges as a model company in the sector, satisfying even the most demanding needs of the domestic and international market. AGROMA’s success is achieved thanks to the experienced and specialized personnel, that consists mainly of members of the local community, in an effort to support the Greek economy and Greek industry but also thanks to the innovative methods used to build and operate the machinery. AGROMA is currently exporting its products to more than 15 countries, placing its name high on the map of European manufacturers.

Reliable Service

In these 40 years, AGROMA has established itself in the area due to the high service it provides to its customers. One of the most important services is the Service, which is provided at a very high standard throughout Greece.

AGROMA was, is and will be alongside the producer with its well-trained Service department so production will continue the next moment.