Agroma | Mist Blower CycloneM



Agricultural spraying is the most important process that can take place in a field crop and therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the best quality equipment and products are used. Agricultural sprayer CycloneM with an enhanced tank and enhanced chassis is the best choice when it comes to spraying orchards and vineyards, as it is equipped with the right type of nozzle for the process and it distributes air perfectly, covering the two basic factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the process.
The way that CycloneM is manufactured, combines an innovative compact design with excellent dynamics, as its low center of gravity makes it ideal even for spraying areas that are very steep. With the new type of fan used, exclusively manufactured by AGROMA, there is an increase in air volume and a reduction in fuel consumption, thanks to its ergonomic design that complies with the standard EN12761 of the European Union. The combination of its ergonomic and money-saving design that is no risk for the safety of the environment is, along with its other features, what makes CycloneM one of the best spraying machines on the market.

Enhanced Chassis

Enhanced Tank