Agroma | Harvesting Platform Atlas1

Enhanced Chassis

Enhanced Cylinders

Security System

The hydraulic platform Atlas1 is a multi-tool that can be used in a variety of operations, such as fruit harvesting, tree pruning, tree thinning, transportations and anti-hail protection operations.
All the aforementioned are possible thanks to the outstanding features of the machine, that can support up to 6 people working on it simultaneously and that has special railing for their protection. The innovatively designed platform includes nonskid floor and advanced lifting system that can hold up to 900kg, 2,6m high, as it is equipped with enhanced chassis, enhanced hydraulic cylinders with special security system that prevents any possible falling and with two 200lt-capacity gas reservoirs with CE. There are two versions available, either with or without a pruning assembly both offering a combination of ergonomics and money-saving features that are environmentally friendly and produce the highest quality results.

Nonskid Floor

Protection with Railings


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