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nnovation, efficiency, reliability. These are the three main pillars on which AGROMA, one of the largest Greek companies that manufactures and trades agricultural machinery, is based. Since its very first year of establishment, in 1977, Agroma has set as its primary goal the creation of innovative and environmentally friendly agricultural equipment that offers excellent results with maximum fuel efficiency.

The company is based in Veroia, the birthplace of its founder Stergios Petkos and its facilities are set in a privately owned and autonomous area of 7000 sq.m. AGROMA’s success is achieved thanks to the experienced and specialized personnel, that consists mainly of members of the local community, in an effort to support the Greek economy and Greek industry but also thanks to the innovative methods used to build and operate the machinery.

For the people of AGROMA Mother Earth is the main source of inspiration and the ultimate driving force. As a consequence, the company’s products are built so as to operate in harmony with nature without producing any toxic pollutants. By applying the latest technological advances, as far as the production methods are concerned, and complying with the CE regulations of the European Union and the EN ISO 9001:2011 quality standards, AGROMA manages to build machinery with maximum performance in a combination with minimum fuel consumption, making them the most efficient and economical products in the market.

By having a history that keeps going from one generation to another with a vertical manufacturing system, being totally devoted to what we do and investing in modern technology, we have managed to emerge as a model company in the manufacturing industry and to create strong partnership bonds with our valuable clients, consistently satisfying the demands of the domestic and international market.